I Wasn't the Only One Relaxing!!!

A great weekend! Eat, sleep, relax, read, drink, a beautiful view over the lake and a good, genuine company of close friends. I hope that the next will be as great as this one! Now...back at work. With a beautiful weather outside. But apparently the rain will come soon.

relaxing ducks
relaxing duck
I wasn't the only one relaxing! Don't these 2 images express extreme peace and calm?
By the way, while driving back home yesterday I heard this song on the radio. A brand new single from a singer that apparently was eliminated from a tv show called X-Factor (sort of american Idol or whatever it's called in the US). Driving on the street along the lake, with no absolut sound other than that of a sweet breeze (and of the cars going back home after the long weekend...but that's just a detail!!!) was absolutely interesting. Even if I was returning home to re-start the usual routine!