Let's forecast this: Fire the Weatherman!!!!

I watch the weather forecast only on friday. Just to have an idea on what is to expect during the weekend. To make programs such as "should I stay or should I go". During the week I just look outside the window. Do I need someone in the morning telling me "today is going to rain" when I can actually see it for myself??? Absolutely not!
Anyway, it has been months since when this funny guy on tv predicts a very apocaliptic weather every weekend. Tourism here in the southland of Switzerland, known for its warm and nice climate (it's sort of the swiss southern california) is going really bad. Tourist listen carefully to this wise man and...they decide not to come here. Same thing happened last night. "I have to say that the bad weather wil continue through the entire weekend. Starting tomorrow (today) there will be abundant water from the sky (wow!!! From the sky! I always ask myself where it actually comes from everyday!). The rain will continue until tuesday. Bring back out your jackets and wool stuff. The temperature is going to dropp quite a lot". The only thing I could say, and pardon my volgarity, was "Oh shit. Again?", since I am going to spend the weekend at the lake.

Well, I woke up this morning at 6 am. No clouds in the sky. The sun was shining even more than a Swarowsky diamond! And nature was well awake, colorful looking towards the blue sky.


It's very warm right now. And hopefully it will remain like this for at least a couple of days. The only rain drop I could find this morning were on the flowers blooming on the office's balcony. Drops from yesterday's rain!

I am now doing some forecast! Not on the weather but on the weatherman: I believe he will still be there next week telling us to open the umbrella!! I hope he'll be fired before that!!!