It's not a symphonic tribute to life! It's Elevator's Music!

By the way! Yesterday the weather was as if spring had a car accident with summer! Hot, nice, colorful, peacefully entertaining, with the sound of the birds singing making you feel you were listening to a symphonic tribute to life! Today it is totally different! Cloudy, foggy, it's raing and it is not particularly warm! I guess spring didn't pass its driving licence test and, instead of going forward, directed to the future, it insanely started going backwards crashing into the forgotten winter that was parked right behind it! Although this type of weather usually relates to peace and calm, for some reason it is not!! The birds are still singing like crazy. Not a symphonic tribute to life though...more an elevator music. The type of music that after 15 floors you wish the door open very quickly and you suddently feel the urge to seek mental help!!!
I like the colors outside though, all those shadows of gray. Yet I also like dreaming about the colors of nature that hopefully tomorrow will be back out in the world ready to be appreciated!

Holy Cow..I am still alive!


April 16, 2009 at 3:50 PM ML said...

strange! the word for the day was 'fog' ...

birds singing across all that grey!

perhaps, telling it to go away so that we can see (hidden) color instead!

April 16, 2009 at 4:16 PM Lily Penelope said...

Believe me! It's raining like crazy and they keep singing! It might be the Swiss Air (not the airline...that's not swiss anymore!!!) or it might be that they are just incredibly happy! I'm starting to hate them!!!!