Virtual Reality or Real Virtuality?

I've been having a lot of fun lately! In a virtual sense! Blog(s), Twitter, Skype, and yes, some times even Facebook. I shared ideas. I discovered new great people (and their beautiful blogs), read interesting stories, real or fictional, was able to talk to friends who were miles away, noticed things that without a proper internet connection wouldn't have even come to surface in this ocean we call reality.
Yet, thinking about it, this fact is a little messed up. Where is reality gone??? But it is reality what we all are experiencing. Where are the noises? Smells, laughs, physical things??? You lose several dimensions when you interact via technology, yet, sometimes, this parallel life is more interesting then reality. Sometimes.
When I think about life in the physical world I think about experiencing it with all the senses. You can stroll in the city, wandering, discovering and feeling. You are a flaneur. You can sit and look. You talk about psychogeography, moods, feelings. Through the web you are transformed in some kind of voyeur. Your window becomes a screen. Physicality becomes distorted. Sometimes it is better, you avoid things that otherwise could not be avoided. I like it. But yet I am thinking wich one is more real? Or I shouldn't think about it at all and just enjoy it! My screen is so colorful this morning. But I know that the real windw is right beside me. Outside is grey. And it's raining!

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