If Life ain't a Suit go around Naked!

It has been a very bad week! Nice weather (until today), warm, sunny with the birds singing the everyday symphonie. Yet at work things went a little out of hand. Work and life. Inside and outside. You feel comfortable looking the everyday through your (dirty) windows yet inside the space you feel like you are wearing a pair of old jeans that became smaller...simply because you ate too much or maybe because it is the wrong soap that made them shrink (always blame something else!!!).

So, yesterday was like life wasn't really a nice dress. Old, small and uncomfortable. It simply didn't suit me. Well... if life ain't a suit I should go around naked!! Or, I had other options: 1. change my clothes. 2. Change perspective. 3. Subjectivize reality and make it my brand new dress for the day. 4. Instead of looking outside the window find something in your other window, your computer screen. There you could probably find a new, comfortable perfect dress for the day.
I new exactly what I had in mind! My dear friend ML (a contributor of this blog) has recently done a photo shoot for a fashion Brand named EairTh. When I asked her if I could use her images to put on my blog we discussed about some philosophical issue regarding life (via Skype!!).
I adore these images and I adore the line of clothes that they carry.

I've never thought how a fashion brand could give you so much in feelings. "They are really comfortable" ML tells me and the only thing I could say was "They make me feel comfortable only by looking at them". I hope you'll enjoy the images and the collection of EairTh. And...if life ain't a suit...don't go around naked...just pick something that makes you comfortable. Like me looking at these images...simply because here I can't find these clothes...yet!
Photos: ML (don't tell anyone but her real name is Melissa La'o!!!)
Fashion/Design/art/ almost a psychologist of everyday fashion: EairTh by Melissa Dizon


April 16, 2009 at 3:15 PM ML said...

reading this post after a 4 hour meeting with ms dizon (on the website, which should be up very very soon)... I have no words.

lily, it's such a pleasant shock!

that is exactly what the clothes FEEL like. the choice has been, just that. wear eairth or go naked!

I am thrilled that they come through in the images! I can now out my slight anxieties to sleep...

(but only in eairth! (I sleep in their long johns and t shirts/ dresses! and my sheets are by eairth too!))