The Eternal Foam!

Foam. Solid or void? Presence yet absence. Temporary yet permanent in its ephemeral state. Mental? Physical? Who can tell? Form and structure. And then, suddently de-formed and amorphed. Where are those 15 minutes Andy Warhol was talking about? Can they last more than that? Even for an entity such as foam? An hour, a week, a month or a lifetime? Foam and Fame. Susan Boyle and Ferran Adrià. One as the incarnation of the 15 minute of fame that are maybe lasting a little more. One as the creator of foamy sculptural artistic gastronomic foamy recipes. Your tv, your plate. Moments you sometimes wish were endless. Feelings, visual fullfillment, optical appreciation.

Not eternal. You wish you could contem-{plate}, admiring a creation that you ultimately destroy. By eating it. But you surely enjoy it. Even if it is for a fragment of time maybe even less than 15 minutes. Some things you wish would last more. But they are just foam.

Eternal Foam