Read This! Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routines!

TGIF! We are closing the office til tuesday! Working a little this morning and to the lake! As every day, my routine hasn't changed. Coffee in front of my window contemplating. A cigarette to start the day and then...the reading begins!

I start with mails. Personal and work. Then, with online papers (this, this and this) just to be aware of what happens around the world! Then a sneek inside my blog(s) and others. When the office officially opens (8am) I sit down going through the local newspapers (only this and quickly!). I honestly enjoy it. Real paper cannot be replaced! Its smell, tiny stains of ink on your finger...a beautiful routine! Then, after my "reading-break-rotuine" I finally sit down at my work ork. Lunch and a similar routine: but other newspapers...the big italians (this, and this).
The day goes y very quickly and finally the evening arrives. Now it is the time for a book! Or a magazine!
My weekly routine is always interesting "news-wise". Everyday something new to discover. Sometimes bad news but mostly good ones. I rather prefer those!
What do you like to read?
This weekend I am going to read books like crazy and relax! I'll be back on tuesday! Happy Easter to you all!