I don't like him, therefore I don't like it!

What happens when you realize a friend doesn't interest you anymore?? What if you can't stand him any longer? Well, you simply start to ignore him. You do not answer his phone calls or answer his text messages. Yet, the probability that you can meet him in the street is very high. You start telling one of those tested lies you always carry around such "Oh really? I didn't hear the phone!" or "sorry, I lost my phone while gardening, it is probably now 6 feet underground!" or anything interesting that you can pick from your "save-me-list"!
The "I don't like you story" proceeds very annoyingly when he starts buying you things. For special events such as Christmas, birthday, saint Mother Teresa or watherver. And you specifically told him not to buy anything, and on top of everything...not to show up ininvited at your door! Well, this is the story. The last one (hopefully). He shows up at Christmas with a Panettone. For God sake...I am allergic to lactose! Which part of it you do not get???? Panettone is a freakin universe of butter! But I feel bad throwing it away so, I simply start ignoring the caloric mountain and just leave it there. Never paying attention to it. Til yesterday. Oh geeeeeez...I almost totally forgot about it!! My friend keeps calling me and I ignore him but, his panettone doesn't really bother me at all! Then, I opened the box and...I almost got into a shock! Whatever was it before was no longer there. A new product was there. New colors, new smell (yack!!). It looked like a completely new landscape. Nature, colors, rocks and stones...it actually looks more interesting! If someone eats it though...death will come very quicly!!! You see my point??? There are certain things that, ignoring them, transform them into a better state. While some friends, even totally ignoring them...remain the same pain in the ass.

I don't like him therefore I don't like it 2
I don't like him therefore I don't like it 5
I don't like him therefore I don't like it 8


April 2, 2009 at 1:26 AM ML said...

bravo! good one lil! I know what you mean!