Doctors, Latin and Skeletons for Dummies!

This is the thing! I went to the doctor today just to check upon my elbow that still hurts (since almost 3 months). After dealing with these characters we call "specialists", you realize they are divided in 3 different groups: the first is the very intellectual type. The one that, after analyzing your problem, explains you what the clinical definition of your symptoms is. Obviously in latin! You basically have no clue what he/she is talking about but you smile, hoping that the results appearing after the cure he/she is giving you will make all of your problems go away. After a lesson from an anatomy book (in latin) you leave the place with your prescription and realize that even this one is written in latin or some other strange language that leaves you in complete darkness about what the problem is and how it will be cured! The second group is the one composed by intellectual specialists with a more understandable manners. Meaning: they explain in latin but with a translation in your mother language but the terms used are those that usually appear only on a PhD final paper. But hey! At least they tried. You feel more comfortable and you try to look very interested when they bring you the skeleton on wheels to show you where your pain is localized (like you didn't know it before!!!). They write the prescription in your mother language but you still don't know exactly what they are giving you! Yet, you feel already a little better. The Third group is my favorite (obviously)! The chill out doctors. They wear a trendy gown and they explain your right away what the friggin problem is, only after telling you where they have been on vacation and what they have been doing for the past year (or two!)! They speak your mother language and they show you some really cool drawings hanging on the wall and tell you "Honey, this is the beauty of anatomy! Aren't these drawing almost a work of art combined with some distinct architectural nuances??" I guess they know what your job is and they try to explain you with your usual language (I am an architect by the way!) Honestly he is right they actually look great. They are a new version. The one that you probably see in many other doctor offices around the world (group 2 and 3. Group 1 they usually start drawing themselves a sketch of the human body!). But I remembered I had a very old book with all these fantastic images on human parts.

they actually looks like work of art. I shot some details from the pages of "L'Encyclopédie by Diderot & D'Alembert - Anatomy". Gorgeous!
They remind me of other artists like Piranesi and his powerful work.
Ultimately you figure out what exactly the problem is. You chat a little more. He gives you a prescription that probably you don't even bother to look because it might be in Latin (!!!) and you go to the nearest pharmacy. Go home with pain killers and a simple cream!!! The instructions here are easier than in any other book (including "basic medicine for extreme dummies"). The expalnation is written in the 4 national languages plus english...I wonder why they don't put it on also in least we know!!!