How Long Will They Survive?

It's spring! A total new landscape finally appears. New colors, new fragrance new sounds. You get used to these changes every seasons. Winter with its unpredictable silence, summer and the funny noises of people enjoying barbecues in their gardens, autumn and its colorful death and yes, spring, with the birds singing in chorus, with the smell of fresh nature, with the psychotic sudden changes in the everyday climate. And spring, the season where everybody feel the need to become a gardener, of soil, of souls of anything that can positively grow. It happens to me every year. The sudden need to plant stuff and take care of them all the way into their life process. This year I started with a little corner in my balcony with aromatic herbs! Hey, if Michelle (Obama) can do it why can't we? Cool...oregano, basil, sage, marjoram, mint... So I am ready for every occasion! Mojito? Need sage? go in the balcony!!! Lebanese dish? Need mint? Out in the balcony!! I am so proud of my work in the green world. Hopefully it will stay green for a long time!!

I will survive 1/Sage
I will survive 2/Basil
I will survive 3/Marjoram
I will survive 4/Rosmary
I will survive 5/Oregano
I will survive 6/Mint