My Brain is doing push ups!

I am not sure if it is the weather, the astrological momentum, or some other silly excuse but, for some reason, it has been couple of days that my brain is out of shape. It seems I can't even write a small little post! It is not the rain. It is not aries meeting with pisces and hanging around with pluto in some pub down the street. It is a very strange feeling not being able to put down some sentences. Maybe it is because my blog is very free (yeah...that's why it is called FreeForm!!). Maybe that is the problem. When you have too much freedom it is harder to deal with things. Unlike on Funky Paradise (a collective blog with 2 great friends) where a word is given on a daily basis and each one of us writes whatever comes to mind thinking about it.
So, here I am, wandering through the wet space surrounding me, searching for some ideas, some hints, something interesting to talk about. I shot these images today at lunch, under the rain, with my dog jumping in the water.


I feel like a drop, crawling down from a sky of thoughts. From a cloud filled with imagination. From a tree of impatience. I need to work out my brain! Let it do some push ups. Some running. Something!
I was reading this article honoring Rita Levi Montalcini. First Nobel Prize to reach 100 years old! When they asked her what her secret is to live til 100 she candidly answered: "Have a total disinterest in the person. We don't die, only our bodies do. Keep your brain constantly active. Every minute of the day"!

wings 2
It suddently got me back on track. With my hair all wet and my brain cleaned up after ten miles of running, I ate my lunch. Smiling about the last sentence Levi Montalcini gave to the interviewer: "I eat only an apple every night. This is my secret"! Well, my brain can be active every minute of my day...but only an apple for dinner will kill me!!!