Virtual relaxation

How hard it is to relax lately!

You relax one minute and the next you freak out! You wake up in the morning all pumped up and you discover that internet isn't working! You restart the computer and the fax machine gets into a coma! Fix that and...something else cause you a problem that transform your life into a huge inferno! Technology is a beautiful thing...when everything works out perfectly. If that doesn't happen it just drives your nerves into the jammest freeway you have ever taken! But still, technology allows you to create (obviusly when your damn PC works!!!) virtual objects, virtual realities that do not really exist. They exist in a screen in front of your tired face!!! But they are there. And from your chair your can imagine yourself laying down in a virtual beach locatd somewhere in the technological world!


September 18, 2008 at 6:19 PM Lily Penelope said...

ah ah ah!!
by the way...that is not me laying down! I eat a lot but not that much!!!!