I love the rain. I relaxes my senses. I sleep wonderfully. And the city assumes a color, shades of colors, that makes its reality completely different. More inviting? Just different. But today the experts said it would be a splendid day. Sun, a little colder (yes! the summer is unfortunately over). Yet, as I opened the window this morning I didn't see the sun. People running to work with their anonymous umbrellas, grey or beige coats and the sky so gray that would make the most beautiful gray cashmere sweater jealous! Yet I wasn't that happy it was raining! For only one stupid superficial reason! I bought these shoes this past weekend and I was dying to wear them today! But I do not want to ruin them their first day out of the box. Guess what color are they? Gray, with shades and silver! Just as beautiful as the sky today! Well, after the rain comes the sun! And my new Hogan would stay home in my most beautiful corner of the apartment! I just put them there to make them feel a lttle artistic at at home!!!


September 23, 2008 at 3:32 PM Melissa la O' said...


It's raining out here too!

and so I rolled my white trousers up, and for the first time in a year, I wore sneakers, neil barett pumas. an old margiela t shirt. and got wet and dirty at a site!

September 23, 2008 at 3:50 PM Melissa la O' said...

lillllllllllllllllly! this is so strange! I had just posted something about the sky on my blog???

this is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too bizarre!