Blue Lagoon

...Yet there is a place where I found the ultimate relaxing experience. Couple of months ago (I will not go into details!) I was really lost. Got really into a major crisis. So one day my mother just gets on my case really know the kind of discussion like "I can't stand see you like this" or "you need to focus on important things and stop worrying about it" ( I worked for months on my "political campaign and I lost it in the most miserable way) so basically she proposes me to go with her to Iceland. She had a conference there so...I said yes. I know about Iceland through Björk but that's about it (eventhough I guess the Björk way is very accurate!!). Let me tell you: the trip was amazing. I went to this place called BlueLagoon which I believe now being heaven on earth. After laying down in the water for some time the sensation I felt afterwards was of perfect balance between body and mind. And, believe or not, I do not know if it was the water, the right time, or the entire island itself but the experience was magical and I came back a different person, still crazy, but changed and more focused on things that are important to me...and politics is not one of them!

One thing is for sure...I will go back to Iceland one day!


September 18, 2008 at 7:30 PM Melissa la O' said...

one word.. WOW!

wished I was you at that moment!