Sickly Happy!!!

I thought my cough was gone but it came back...with a vengeance! It came back stronger with a close friend called "Flu" and together they are killing me!
I am really tired and sick but I am extremely happy (or "violently Happy" as our friend Björk would say!). Writing, taking pictures, sharing and discussing ideas on Mel's blog, are things that make me really happy. Tomorrow I'll go to the lake. It is going to be a cool weekend and hopefully I'll be a little less sick... maybe a mojito and a Negroni would do it!!! Just kidding (yeah right!).
I'll go to bed now. Must take all meds to calm down all the freakin symptoms. It was a good day today (beside the flu). I ended up at my mother's home since she was alone tonite and we chatted, ate salmon and drunk some wine. I drove my dog crazy making him jump all over the place. Funny dog! A sickly happy dog! When I left my mom's home he was eating a kiwi! sickly-happy-crazy-dog!


September 26, 2008 at 6:23 AM Melissa la O' said...

my god! your posts make smile and laugh!

you are crazy and happy as ever!

have a great weekend! ahhhh by a lake drinking mojitos.

soooooooooooooo nice!