I've never thought one day I will be writing about shoes! But since I read this morning Mel's blog about her throwing away her shoes I started thinking about mine!!!

I have an obsession with shoes. Not any kind, just one brand. And not all shoes from this brand, just one particular model: TWINS from Camper! I just adore them. I am so fascinated by them for a simple reason: they are calles twins, and obviously not identical ones since the left shoe is different from the right one! They have basically paintings on them, detail that are fantastic! In the past 6 years I bought all of them. And here I am the only one who wears them(figure out why!!!). But today was a sad one! The new collection still has twins but not the funky model I was the number one fan of!!!

I guess they changed the designer or maybe the designer got his/her brain back in focus...what a shame!!!


September 17, 2008 at 8:17 PM Melissa la O' said...

your posts are so delightful! they really make me laugh!

I've tried to clean my closet. and now, I don't know who I am!

it's such a huge dilemma. hahhahahhaha