Leave a mark!

Everybody leaves a mark in the world. Those who write a book, those who paint, sculpt. There are those whose philosophical thinking, mathematical awareness or chemical discovers are still present in our lives eventhough the left this world centuries ago! Still, they left a permanent mark in our society, in our books in our everyday actions. We all imagine that one day we will remembered for something. Not that we all expect to be included in books or discover a new atom or particle, yet we write in our notebooks, write on walls, and so on. We all leave a mark. Dogs who pee on a house, pasta on your new Burberry shirt, grass on your jeans. It's a duality though. We constantly leave mark in the world and the world leaves them on us.
Bottom line of this very deep thought???
I woke up this morning and since I live on the floor above the office I usually go down there to fix a good Nespresso. Well...As I wanted to check my email, still wearing my Abercrombie anf Fitch pyjamas and flip flops, and suddently I trip on something! I left a mark too this morning. Coffee all over the place!! My computer, my camera, on my bills and worst of all on my taxes!!
Unfortunately my mark in the world stayed there for only a couple of minutes. I had to clean it up!


September 24, 2008 at 10:14 AM Melissa la O' said...

lily! I am sorry for gushing! your writing and insights are so brilliant and inspiring. they take me to all these places at one time!

and make my brain start to wonder, and my imagination alive!