Friday @ six

We had this event back at school called "Friday's @ five"! At five pm everything stopped just for one reason. Barbecue and beer... a lot of beer! Everything costed 50ç. We would drink like mad and spend basically nothing. We would sit out at the old SCI-Arc in this place called "the dome" and just chat and look at the stars and moon (yeah right!). The dome was a construction (a dome!!) built by an instructor called Nader Kahlili who used to build everything with the earth (adobe architecture). The environment was really amazing and soo peaceful. It felt like you were in the desert eventhough you were in an industrial area! The "Baywatch" headquarter was next door and thank god at the dome we would not see David Hasselhof running in his swimming suit trying to save some lost soul drowning in alcohol!
Here my friday @ five is totally different. First of all because it starts @ six! Second because there is no dome but still, the place is sometimes breath taking! Third... for 50 ç you do not even buy the waiter's attention!!!


September 17, 2008 at 8:14 PM Melissa la O' said...

my god! I was just telling my trainer today about fridays at five!

that was super fun! for me, it's everyday at 7! ha ha ha. but then it's just my dog and I!

September 20, 2008 at 4:31 AM efrem davis said...

i remember fondly those days. that was a time when all the students at Sci-Arc, no matter waht their academic level, sat together and conversed on a variety of subject from ther trivial to the astute. we would also have lunch there where the roach-coach parked along side it, like a way station of sorts, and talk about the day's life. i personally sat there some nights when my mind got stuck on something or other. i was very peaceful indeed. The school's no longer there and they since tore down the 'dome' (some private company bought the building). it's only a memory, yet a cherished one.