The Last Costume

It is officially over! Carnival ended last night and, for another year we will be back in our daily routines: work, no masks and confetti, basically the same everyday as the rest of the year. I really had fun this year. More than most of the others. I didn't work for my group (usually serving food and drink) because I wanted to go wild through the streets exactly like thousand of other people! Last night I was in a very aweful state!!! Very tired. 5 days of dances, loud music, proseccos and junk food every night was a little too much! I wore my psycho-angel costume. I went out simply because I didnt have anything to eat and drink at home. Went out at 9PM had couple of proseccos and 2 double burgers!!! That was all I did!!! The party was til 6AM. At 11PM the king of Carnival was giving back the key of the city to the mayor (symbolic tradition...the city from last night is back in the hands of the fucked up is that...the mayor is a freak...we want the king of carnival to own the city all year long!!!!). Then at midnight the fireworks. Then music non stop til the morning. At 10 PM I collapsed in my bed!!! Today we had the morning free at the office. I am still very tired. And honestly a lttle sad it is over...well, this weekend there are 3 more carnivals: our carnival as many other follows the Roman Rite while the later ones follow the Ambrosian Rite. I am still not sure if I'll go to those too...I'll see...

Even too tired to shoot a picture!!!!!! They actually suck but is just to show you (part of) the dress!!!