Couple of days ago, while watching nothing on tv, I came across a documentary about the Philippines. Since my dear friend ML lives there I started watching with interest since I don't really know anything about that region of the world. The documentary was a trip around the island and the various provinces. Architecture, natural resorts, hidden wonders and great beaches. Now I know what she means when she talks about ocean, surf and amazing beaches!!! Then, the first part of the documentary ended with the presentation of Mount Pinatubo. Simply beautiful! A volcano that erupted in 1991 creating lots of damages and spread way too many victims but, ultimately became a wonder itself. Once the top broke into lava it left something that left me speechless: an extraordinary beautiful lake. That's when I started thinking about the words below-above-behind and so on. There is always something else hidden behind a surface. Behind a mask, a painting, a mountain or an image/photography. Metaphorically and literally. You never stop to learn. even by turning a page, by reading beyond exterior features, by scrapping the ground a look what's beneath it.
Then I started shooting pictures right away. Pages of magazines I previously trashed (during my clean up week!!) turned out to be showing something else, behind, below, beneath. New forms/shapes, new contents that quickly detached from its original meanings, from its original physical layout. Here some of them. Not because I took these pictures but I have to say they are intriguingly beautiful!!!!



February 15, 2009 at 2:38 PM ML said...

lilly!!!! your photos, oddly look like waves breaking! you must come here! mt pinatubo is near a surf break... the sand there had come from the volcano. and there's tons of other places to surf around islands,etc, where there is absolutely NO ONE!