Golf Club / Grand a*°§!!!!

The night happened at a super chic golf resort with a super chic hotel! Like I really cared!!! Everybody arrived dressed with animals and such beside the swiss who came very casual not really caring about the underlined standard of the place.
Upon arrival all you could see in the darkness were the many golf carts all lined up carefully at the entrance. The same was made of huge windows and steel. Why do I even tell you this? Well... at one point of the night a friend asked me to go out for a smoke...I opened the main glass door and...I was grabbed by an arm very quickly!!! The entire entrance wall just collapsed!!! Thank god not on top of me but half on the ground and the other on some carts!So...beware next time!!! Not because it is called grand resort that it actually is!!! not go out to smoke...smoke inside!!!!