Fun Fun Fun!

Two more nights left of carnival! 4 have already passed very quickly! I have to say that this year (at least until today) I had really fun! Thursday night was ok. Many people around the city dancing and drinking while watching the official opening of the carnival 2009. It all starts with the mayor giving (symbolically) the key of the city to the King of Carnival - King Rabadan who will own the city (and its key) for an entire week. The mayor this year dressed up like Harry Potter (what a loser)! Anyway, we partied a lot. On friday my cousin David came from Geneva to celebrate carnival. More fun! Dancing all over the place, Proseccos, tequilas and gin tonics were the fuel of the night! Same happened on Saturday night. On sunday there was the parade. Very nice and thank god for the beautiful weather. Now I am a little tired. I need a coffee becuse tonight the party goes on until 4 am. It is going to be hard since tomorrow I work!!! And Tomorrow night...last night of carnival...all night long. Music wil stop at 7 am....
Here are some pics of the parade...more to come!

Immagine 065
symbolic parody
Immagine 064
Immagine 063
Immagine 060
metaphors...the Chanel commercial (Egoiste) used as a parody of political themes
Immagine 043
Immagine 046
Immagine 029
Immagine 126
Immagine 124
Guilty between a love story between two ministers...
Immagine 115
the caricature of the Environment Minister
Immagine 114
Immagine 113
Immagine 104
Immagine 096