Details inside the mess!

I seriously have enough of cleaning, arranging and rearranging things around the office! We basically spent the entire week throwing old things away and cleaning the office. Re-arranging is like a strange drug: you start doing it but then you get tired of it right in the middle of the acton! And it is like a disease: it is contagiuos....once you start everybody gets excited! I am exausted! We finished up friday and I said to myself "no more rearranging for at least 3 years"! I went out friday night all broken up and..."only one glass of red wine... I am tired and I want to go to sleep soon tonight"...these were my last serious words! I had way too much red wine and I got home at 1AM!!!!
Strangely, saturday morning I was fresh as a blossoming flower in april! And...even though I still felt the wine inside my veins and the physical soreness from all the moving stuff around I had the really really bad idea to start rearranging my apartment!!!!I had enough after 2 hours and decided to take a small break to go eat a's sunday and my apartment looks like a battlefield! One day I will continue...but not today!!
These are some shots I took at the office when I saw interesting details inside the mess...I couldn't trash the woody pieces before taking pictures of them!!!







February 9, 2009 at 7:15 AM ML said...

lily! I have been doing the same! but didn't get far! I got sick 30% into it! this means, 3 more days to go, if I even ever get around it!