Burn Baby Burn!

As I said in the previous post, on the day followning my birthday I was invited to a dinner-pseudo-symbolic-party that took place in Busto Arsizio (Italy). The event was called "La Giöbia" and it happens every year the last thursday of january. It is a tradition of the region, during that particular day, to burn an ugly puppet. The rite is symbolic and propitiatory: you burn the negativity of the winter and all the bad things that happened in the previous one, auspicating a good year, if the bonfire has a good flame. The point of us going to italy was also another one. My dad has founded a culinary group almost 15 years age. All of the participant just go and eat strange stuff! Women are only allowed to participate once a year. They met with other similar groups on that night. We were almost 200 attending the dinner. The night was actually strange! Strange were also the members of the italian culinary groups. Rotary Club meets food!

The italian members were dressed like they really were at a propitiatory rite!
It all had the feeling of being some centuries ago!