The other space and future memories!

I am there but in fact I am not. Is it me or a distorted non-me? The unreal real me? Future and past. Utopias and heterotopias (as Michel Foucault called them). Metaphors and contradiction. A new space and the other space. Otherness.


I love these terms. They make you think. They make you dream and they make you constuct ideas. But they also allow you to reesumate memories . Yes, because even in reflections there are hidden things. Dualities. Space with no physicality. Yet it is me. Not the real me. Just my reflection. A non existing entity. A space with a non-me.

Fragmented utopia

Spaces, places, future and rememberance. It is the present. Reality as it happens. Driving along the coast of a beautiful lake in a sunny morning. Wind, birds, cyclists and cars. I shoot pictures in front of me. Towards places I will see in minutes. In the future! Then I shoot through my review mirror. The past. Eventhough the landscape and its inhabitants are right there, in reality they already belong to the past. They are behind me.


But what happens when a mirror is broken? Can I still talk about memories? About spaces and non spaces? Here I see distortion. I see multiple layers of meanings, multiple images and multiple stories. Past or future? Utopia or heterotopia? Just a broken reflection. Of me, and the non-me! A place that truly doesn't exist, neither here nor there. Just in an image. Maybe I should just stop thinking and fix my broken review mirror!


May 5, 2009 at 4:11 PM ML said...


that is OK!

as delleuze says, take a line of flight from that! well there is no choice, as heidenberg (??? can't remember..) says, "what is broken is broken..."

May 7, 2009 at 1:52 AM ML said...

its wiggestein...