My Mind is My Workshop!

It was while walking out of the theater the other night when I noticed the structure. A building in the cultural neighborhood. a structure used for spectacles, exhibitions and other events.

spatial work

A very minimalist facade, simple materials and 2 words: "spazio officina" (workshop space). After capturing its exterior with my camera I started thinking about those words. In a way or the other we all deal with this terms.


We all live in a space, we all perceive it, we all see it. There are people who write about it, there are others who write it as architects and urban planners. It is definetely physical and obviously geographic but yet it is also mental. Psychological with its related phobias! Philosophical with its related theories. Space is everywhere.
Then I started thinking about the second word: "workshop" (officina).


I have a deep admiration for workshops as in the physical space where the messy action takes place! Materials, smells, objects, colors. But also works, creations, ideas and tools. Today I went to pick up my Vespa and the feeling of finding myself inside the mechanic's workshop was incredible. All kinds of tools, the smell of gasoline, strange pieces of engines that made me start dreaming about new ideas, new projects! My workshop is my office, yet it is also my home. I have mess in both places. Pieces of things I collect while wondering through cities, neighborhoods and places. Colors and paint, papers and wood, metal parts and so many tools!

work in space

Yet I believe my ultimate workshop is in fact my mind! It is a space isn't it? It is where the action takes place before putting it out in the world. Or on a piece of paper. Or on the memory of a pc. It's messy too there! But at least I do not have to use the vacuum! There is a lot happening in there! And all I know is that in my mind I can imagine anything I want...even colors and smells, noises and objects. Yes! My mind is my real workshop's space!