It's a Goat's World!

I started thinking about traditions under different aspects after reading a very interesting post named "Gone with the Wind". What are traditions and how do we/I perceive and live them? Beliefs, customs and practices, wanting it or not, affect our everyday. Festivals, food, sports, clothes, songs,and yes, even languages (as dialects) are part of us and of our (national) history. Our and the one we want to show to the world as a form of attraction, historical or merely touristic.
So, I started going with my mind in a journey through Swiss traditions. Let's set this thing straight right away: NO, we do not go around with bows and arrows and shoot apples on people's heads!
Switzerland is very fragmented. 26 states, 4 national languages, a miriad of different dialects, and many strange characters! Many traditions, some still alive, mostly culinary, others are kept alive by few, some are just alive and very weird, and believe me on this!!
One of the best is the winter food tradition. I guess every single swiss, during this period of the year enjoys eating either fondue or raclette. I adore them, especially the last one. It is almost a mandatory moment during the year. Winter isn't winter if you dont eat these cheese traditional dishes. I was so into this until I discovered I was allergic to diary. The swiss icon for excellence, the cow, became my enemy. The one that made me stop with a very important tradition. I seriously couldn't deal with this tragedy! So I discovered something new... my new friend...the goat (yes...0 lactose!!!)!

goat's world

Now I understand whay Heidi hanged around with so many of them! Their cheeses are amazing!


cheese talk


That's when the new thought arrived: why not subjectivize traditions?? So, I started to participate to this dinners with my own cheese! Like those parties where you have to BYOD (Bring your own drinks) I had to BMOC (Bring my own cheese).


But this way this tradition is very alive in my life! So, if you can't fully adhere to a national tradition subjectivize it:
You can't participate to the traditional Unspunnenfest? Take your computer screen and throw it in your office! The screen is lighter and you can throw it further!
You can't play Hornussen? Take a fishing rod and attach a plate on the fish hook, and then place a tomato on your table...start turning like a psycho with your rod and it it...!!!
Traditions are a very good thing. Keep them alive!