Where will my Brain drop Anchor Today?

My life, an ocean of thoughts, ideas, concepts, projects, funky stuff. Where will my brain drop anchor today? Everyday an harbour. My "boat" takes me to new places. Places? Spaces? States of mind?

mental dock 3

Which Harbour will I discover today? Will it be easily accessible? Will I find heavy seas? Will the right wind accompany me? Who will I meet on the way? Other nomadic brains? A painter. A poet. A graphic Designer. An Architect. An Art lover. A Baritone. A book Addict. An Idealist. A performer. Dreamers. Whose destinies cross in a unexpected harbour.

anchor drop

Where will my brain drop anchor today? Will I meet you there? In an ocean of thoughts my nomadic anchor will find a creative and productive home. Even if I will not meet you there I know you left leaving a piece of your {hi}~story there. One day we will surely cross path again in another unexpected harbour.