Something is missing...YOU fill it up!

Some good music, a constructive conversation, interesting people and a good cold drink (maybe more than just one!) can really make an evening spectacular. It doesn't happen very often. But it did happen last night. I shot pictures to share with you. I'll describe my evening, I'll try to point out details and make you feel you were part of it too. Unfortunately though, the virtual world will omit very important details. Here you will not find smells, sounds, and can't even touch the drinks on the tables! Yet maybe this particularity of this world is the best one! It's up to you to fill the gaps.
I was told, couple of days ago, that in my favorite spot of my town, the bar where we hang out, that a concert would take place, right under the castle walls.


A famous Dj from Milan would play all night accompanied by a violinist. I surely couldn't miss it! I love electronic music, very experimental, very addictive, and I love the idea of something so extreme combined with a classical instrument( with amazing modern power) such as the violin. All of this happening at the feet of one of the 3 castles that are located in my city! Such a splendid combination.

I was already imagining all of it even before going there, on my funky bycicle. My usual friends didn't like the proposal of the night so...I went alone! I could hear the music already from far. Imagine a classic, imagine rocks, try to hear an electronic background music and try to smell so amazing food around the city! That was the beginning!

the rock{s}
I sat down with other friends (from the usual!) ordered a fresh swiss beer (the first one of a long night!) while waiting for the music to continue. The violinist was thirsty and sat down at our table. No music and a lot of prosecco for her! Finally she goes back on stage and start to perform incredible and amazing music!

the sound 2

the sound 3
Unbelievable! Suddently we all got taken into a complete new dimension (and believe wasn't the least for us...the violinist was a different story!!!). No one was talking anymore, the music was already doing that for us!
the sound 1

The stores window seemed to be interested in this spectacle too.

I'm listening too
Beer and food kept coming on our table. Fish, veggies, meatballs! All of us were sort of paralized listening to the amazing sounds that were echoing around.
The music kept going til 11pm. We remained alll seated thinking it would start again but it did not. Time for the last beer.