What about a virtual party?

I've always been interested in the exploring the various conditions of reality. What is in fact "real"? What isn't? Everything believable is real, at least in my life! I have been studying since a long time the concepts of reality and virtual reality. What connects them? What makes them alive? How do we approach one or the other? People are the common denominator. We make places alive. There would not be a city if there were no people inhabiting it. Making it alive. Virtual reality is something completely different but yet so similar. It is defined as "that which is not real" but is it really? I feel it is real, maybe lacking in different aspects but yet it is real. What you see might not be complete, yes, you can't smell it, you can't hear it, you can't physically feel it but it is there. On your screen. In your mind. In your imagination. Complete it! Do something!! I read somewhere that social networks such as Twitter are just a mere fake reality. Nothing real happens, since you are actually discussing, interacting with nicknames, with a screen. I know that...but behind a nickname, behind ideas there are real people. Interesting people with ideas, projects, dreams. Yes, you don't actually know them in the real world but they are there. They exist. I have lots of friends in the real world, and sometimes I think "what differs really from a realationship where you sit down next to each other talking about stuff or sitting down and talking to someone who is located in the other side of the world?" What about going to a party with your friends on a friday night, ultimately discussing about the same old stuff? What about going to a virtual party? Isn't that more interesting in a creative/constructive way? That's what's happening right now on twitter! A group of interesting people inventing a party, bringing art, interesting conversations, imaginaton, fun, laughs, music and drinks! I find this idea very interesting and creatively constructive! Imagination and words can make a great party! The Campari orange I'll drink is going to be real...that is certain!