What I got!!!!!!!

In the previous post I didn't tell you what I actually got in my suitcase coming back home! First of all let me say one thing: since I left LA I've never had the chance to speak english here in my home town so, I love to read in english almost everything I buy, especially fiction. But, since I'm swiss (!!) I have the luck to speak italian (mother language), french and some german. so, when I am in france, I try to buy french books, at least those that are originally written in french.
I love then to sit down in a café, with an espresso and read.
These are the books I bought in Paris:
1. Saul Leiter (Photo Poche) . Photography book (in french)
2. "Ce jour -là" , Willy Ronis (Folio) . Photography book (in french)
3. "Le testament des gouttes de pluie", Einar Mar Gudmundsson. Fiction (in french) English version.
4. "Le bateau du soir", Vonne van der Meer. Fiction (in french). English version.
5. "Le spectateur émancipé". Jacques Rancière. Non-fiction. (in french). Not yet translated but check out his other titles.
6. "Les Mystères de l'ile Saint-Louis". Roger de Beauvoir (in french).
Then I got to the airport and I needed something to read since all these books were already checked in and so I got 2 other books:
7. "City of Bones". Michael Connelly. (in english)
8. "Chasing Harry Winston". Lauren Weisberg (in english)