Airports - neither here nor there!


I don't know why, but when I arrive at the airport I always feel like I am already in the destination I am supposed to travel to. Eventhough the airport is a non-place and doesn't belong here nor there hte fact to be sitting on an anonymous chair waiting for the boarding call makes you feel you are aleady away from "home". Nevertheless the airport is nowhere. Kloten airport is in the Zurich district but yet it is already abroad since you need to show your passport to enter and leave. A city within a city, a heterotopic space where milions of stories juxtapose, cross and disappear as fast as they come. A place where every traveler belongs yet not belonging anywhere. But ultimately who cares! You arrive. You go through the hassel of burocracy and legislations with your luggage, with your body and with your soul! You eat something waiting for the call. But with your mind at the airport you are already gone! And while departing you already dream of what you'll do once arriving at your destination! I shot this picture capturing a moment in time where you are inbetween two phases. The Here and the There! And in my mind I was already thinking about my first dinner in Paris!