The city of books!

Premise: I love reading. I love books. Everytime I go somewhere I have to watch really carefully what I put in my suitcase. Not too much since I know that, when I come back, the luggage is heavier because it's filled up with books. This time I decided otherwise. I left home with a lot of empty space, just in case! But I promised myself not to buy the very heavy exhibition official books! And that's what I did! But obviously walking around a city where you find bookstores at almost every corner was a very hard job. Temptation is a very tricky thing! I love all those little bookstores in the streets of the Latin Quarter. I went inside each one of them, even those specialised in medicine books!! No kidding!!!
Books, their cover design, their smell, the stories they hide inbetween their covers, how can you just walk away from them??
These two shots where taken close to the Sorbonne University. Books were stored in these drawers that actually come out from the facade of the building! To tell you the truth I didn't buy this particular store. But I would lie to you if I told you I came back home empty handed: I left switzerland with a 9 kg suitcase. I left Paris with 16 kg...!!!!