{un}-expected Urban Surprises

urban surprises
Paris is the city I would love to live in for the rest of my life. The streets, its lights, its people and even its sometimes polluted air make me seriously feel at home. Maybe it is the underlines I put in every detail I see and feel with my constant wandering through its unbelievable rues and avenues, its uncanny {un}-expected urban surprises. Paris has the power to make you dream with your eyes wide open. It was very beautiful my arrival in the "Ville Lumière". Check in at the hotel as fast as possible to be ready for a full immersion experience of the city. Crossing the first bridge with a strange guy playing his accordion made me almost cry of joy! A typical dinner in a bistro with foie gras, warm goat cheese over a fresh-crunchy salad, a casserole and a bottle of brouilly wine! I was then ready to sleep! Excited for what would have come next. Waking up and go cross the same bridge to discover all the hidden "merveilles" of the city!