The power of Metaphors!

Dark, Chaotic, but Beautiful Day!

Dark in my soul and outside my windows, my world. It's raining. And a new phase has entered my life unexpectedly, unwanted and on top of everything without knocking on my existence's door. It has been a month that evil mean phase has arrived and, as we use to say about guest, that they are like fishes...after 3 days they smell...therefore...time to get the hell away! Go to that door you've entered and leave. It's worse than fishes though. It's with me since more than a month now. But today, lucky me, I left. I finally found an emergency door. I started running down the fire stairs. I found a way to try to get rid of it. Today was the first day of returning to my good old everyday. First step. Of a long stair. But the phase is at least some steps behind....Photo by lilypenelope