The Design of my EveryDay!

The Smiling Chinese Lemon Juicer
Tea Cup Hiding in the Garden

As I woke up this morning the first thing I noticed was the horrible weather outside my bedroom's windows. Rain, black clouds and even some fog. The already dirty windows didn't help if not to worsen the outside reality! Well, I decided today was the day. The day to start with a fresh orange juice, a big cup of green tea and a good brioche. Yes, the image of my Ikea table embellished by pieces of everyday design by Alessi started to appear on my morning's canvas. Got out of bed. Showered. And got to the kitchen. All freshened up. Got out the Alessi's juicer and tea cup which looked amazing even in their emptiness. Then a realization suddently came to my mind. I had no oranges. No tea and obviously no fresh brioche! The only thing left to do was to get coffee. At the office! Photos by lilypenelope