The Paradox of Codes

Trapped in Time

Trapped in time. Grids and Nets. Lines. Maps. Concrete and Silk. Entrapment, conquer and [dis]-illusion. Design and functionality. And the experience, wandering along the canyonlands of my soul. Preys and Captors. Connections and Detachments. Are You the Prey or are you the Captor? Or are you ultimately the captor of your own prey, yourself? Spaces designed to protect, spaces constructed to hide (what?) or transparent volumetric traps? How to enter, and how to escape? Is there a code, a password to your secret-safe-deposit-box hidden behind the the door of your soul's vault? What if its complexity got lost. Between Concrete and Silk. Treasures and secrets. Hidden behind the lines of your imaginary soulmap. Photo by lilypenelope