Los Angeles Iconography

Walking around the most different land/urban-{scapes} of Los Angeles everything becomes apparent. In the end what is the difference between a freeway and a beach? Fluidity is their common denominator.
Yet this is just a poetic statement! The first image was taken with my IPhone while me and my friend Efrem were walking around Downtown LA searching for the perfect spot to shoot some color photos. Chinatown was the first thought. We walked all day. But Chinatown wasn't really colorful. Beside some strange characters we met on our wandering reality was mostly black and white...like me and my friend!!!!!
We found many interesting spots while going back to our car. Same spots as last year...yep...we weren't really creative in the search of something totally new this year, but, obviously something was different. Eventhough we shot many images in the same exact locations as last year the results were brilliantly different. Yes, our point of view, our interpretation, our reading of Downtown (such a fascinating place) was new.
I will post the photographs (those taken with a camera not with a phone!) soon.
But these...these really show two essential details of this city.
Fluidity, movement, horizon-{tality} and yes: colors....!