It's All About Reading and Interpretation!

The city is like a book! It's all about cover/facade. About content. About structure. About stories. About people. About interpretation.
No matter where you are you can read everything that surrounds you the way you want. The way you feel. Walking around the streets/alleys/avenues/boulevards of Los Angeles all of a sudden is like walking in a novel. A continuously changing plot. New characters. Different murderers. Different places. And most of all different interpretations and therefore understandings. Good writers can depitct the city with passion, with carefully structured details. The beauty of a good book is when your imagination and the author's explanation walk hand in hand. You read and yet you dream, adding imaginary pieces to the imaginative process. That's what I call a good book.
And that's what I call a good city: a city where the depicted world, the images that surrounds you, even if clearly presented to you, leave some space for imagination. Your everyday urban novel. A city where walls talk to you. They let you know they are there. A sign telling you "I AM". And you start thinking "Who are you? Who were you? What is your history? What characters gave birth to your story? My story!" But then, after this surreal chat with a sign on the wall you realized that maybe the sign was attempting to tell you something else. You go a little further and then you see something else: it was not I AM but 1 AM.... Now you start it all again. ..."Who are you? What's your story?...."
That's Los Angeles! A city where the images that surrounds you, even if clearly presented to you, leave space to imagination. It's all about reading and interpretation!!