I am back at work after almost 3 weeks of holidays. I have to tell you the truth that it was a very long vacation and at the end I got really bored! But right now, after 2 days of work I am back in a state of boredom! I am not really sure which one I prefer: the one due to a too long period of vacation or the one due to the fucked up job and environment I find myself trapped in? Maybe the first one is better! Today, as I walked back to the office I found this weird purple plant. There is no more snow in my town right now, this crazy weather transformed the grayness into colors. But still I am bored to tears! Tonight yoga and afterwards a bath with Blue Lagoon geothermal salt. Purple that too!
In the meantime I'll wait for the weekend to relax, ski, eat some junk food and breath healthy air. In the white snow.