No Trouble-[s] while I'm Gone Please!

No Trouble

"Ok Tiger! Listen carefully: I'll be on vacation from tomorrow til the 14th so pleeeeeease, try to be nice while I'm gone. Get in no trouble. Dont eat any shoes. Dont pee on the neighboor's leg please. While with G&C (my parents) be obedient. Dont jump on their bed as I thought can do that only when they are away, and you know they catch you everytime since you leave your black and white hair on their sheets. Then what? Try also not to eat chewing gums you find at every corner since you probably dont really understand how disgusting it is to take out of your mouth. Steal the apples and peaches you'll find on their table because I always tell you they are good for your health...then act like you have no clue of what they are talking about if they ask you if you ate them.
Ok Tiger, No trouble while I'm gone please!"
Not sure if he actually got the point!!! :-))) But still...who cares...he is such an adorable dog!! Unless he eats my shoes....
Photo by lilypenelope