Drink the Potion!


I'm back! It has been so long since I've been posting on my blog but, sometimes, life is a very busy job! Many things have happened lately and I dont really have the energy to talk about them! Too much to do, but yet so little to feel intellectually fullfilled.
But I guess now it is time to get my artistic side back into action! Not only in photography, but in writing too (I keep postponing my ideas!). But the most important thing is trying to put some order around me. Not litterally intended as cleaning, washing, doing the dishes (although that's a part of my daily routine!). It's about sweeping negativity away from my personal space. Put in the mental trash can all those people are too heavy to carry around, like your weekly grocery shopping. Those people who keep pretending without even say thank you (sort of what my friends Efrem and Fred where talking about...in different ways). Those people whose actions piss me off so much I can't sleep at night. That's why lately I've been drinking this "passion fruit potion"...apparently it makes you sleep like crazy! Only when it's not this hot...the potion doesnt work with the heat! But the weather at least changes...these people never do! Photos by lilypenelope