The Cloud is drunk!

pink landscape!

Oh great! Now apparently the cloud is coming! It has been 3 days now that the radio keeps announcing that the cloud with volcanic ashes is coming this way (why not another one?). From Iceland with "ashy love"! Alarmed countries are closing the airports and cancelling flights. Even Switzerland! And then again on the radio "Big problems on ground level too". For humans we'll deal with lungs, eye, etc problems. In nature probably similar (!!) stuff!!
Now I'm wondering why the cloud keeps arriving...the day after the one expected?? Always tomorrow. Why? Is the cloud stopping by every other country to say "Komið þið sæl" (Hallo everyone!") and "Gaman að kynnast þér". Maybe right now the cloud is still in Germany chatting with locals about life and the future! Maybe the Germans are offering their amazing beer to it! And the cloud would probably ask, having had too much of it "Hvar er klósettið?" (where is the toilet?). That's why it's not coming here yet! It's the germans fault! They got it drunk!
Well, till today the weather has been great, cold but great. Trees and flowers are blossoming. Nice colors all over the state. No ashes anywhere! But, what will happen once the cloud arrives?? Would it be still drunk? Will it slur? Will we ask "Ég skil það ekki...Gætirðu sagt þetta aftur" ( I dont understand...can you please say that again?). Well, let's wait... !!! Photos by lilypenelope